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Legal Notices

The Australian Life Coaching Society Inc. (ALCS) is an Incorporated Association under the Associations Incorporation Act 1981. It has been started for the purpose of re-discovering a sense of collective purpose and creativity in the coaching profession. It is an experiment with the organizational form that embraces the values and collective purpose of the Australian coaching community, in making social contributions.

It is also here for the purpose of personal empowerment, inspiration and support for Australian coaches. Necessarily this will involve making choices, and may involve emotional states that are exhilarating, as well as emotional zones that may be difficult to deal with. Please understand that this association is designed for healthy individuals who want to responsibly grow in their life’s journey.

The participation in program is not being offered as an accreditation or as a substitute for coaching skills. Furthermore, by undertaking this experiment, - you choose to responsibly apply the information given, and to release the Australian Life Coaching Society, and all other participating coaches from any losses, damages, claims or injuries that you may suffer or claim to suffer from undertaking any of the programs here.

The intentions behind this project is to stimulate the sense of contribution and altruism within the Australian coaching industry. However, it cannot be predicted how this experiment will turn out, nor how members process the information given, and therefore ALCS will not take responsibility for it.

Click Here to view 'The Rules of The Australian Life Coaching Society' (SCHEDULE 5 of the Associations Incorporations Act (1981)

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