The Australian Life Coaching Society's purpose is to be provide coaching services to individuals, charity organisations and other under-resourced groups who have a desire/ need for coaching, but lack the financial resources.

This is a collaborative project between life coaches, for the purpose of social contribution (learn more)

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ALCS connects non-profit organisations and individuals that need coaching services, with qualified professionals all around Australia.

We support with volunteer coaching services & programs, those who seek to create greater good in our community. (learn more)

ALCS is building a strong social network of coaches to uphold the values of giving, supporting, and connecting.

This project is open to all life coaches and counselors that seek to further fulfill their life mission of helping others. (learn more)

Access a powerful resource of personal and organisational development material from over 100 Aussie coaches that will make a measurable difference in your life.

We provide you with continual inspiration and knowledge to better fulfill your life's goals. (learn more)