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Yvonne Wigman

If you’re looking for a life coach who can really make a difference to the quality of your life and help you get where you want to go, then you’ve found the right person.

Are you:

  • Feeling lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain about how to achieve what you want?
  • Doing OK but things could be better?
  • Stuck or unable to move past obstacles to reach your goals?

Yvonne will help you:

  • work out what’s most important to you
  • break goals down into do-able steps and solutions
  • take each step with full support

With a background in health policy and information management, Yvonne brings a wide variety of life skills and experience to her coaching practice. She has a Bachelor of Arts (ANU) in Psychology with supporting studies in sociology and ethics. Also, she has a Diploma of Life Coaching awarded by Hart Life Coaching in Sydney.

Yvonne maintains her life-long interest in personal development, success strategies and wealth creation through self education at every opportunity. She initiated a successful women’s investment club of which she was club secretary and enjoys helping people to become financially independent.

To enhance self-actualisation, she encourages clients to practise self hypnosis and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) techniques. She incorporates a solutions-based approach, creative visualisation and NLP into the Love the Life You Live coaching program which can be tailored to busy people like you. Using a proven process, Yvonne will guide you towards achieving your heartfelt desires.

Located in Canberra, Yvonne coaches people living mostly on the eastern seaboard. But phone coaching is highly effective so it doesn’t matter where you are - she has one client in Dubai! Email or give her a call and find out how life coaching can benefit you.



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