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Pro Bono Coaching Wish
for Under Resourced Organisations

For an organisation to be defined as eligible for ALCS assistance, their primary purpose must be to bring aid to under-resourced or under-privileged populations. Priority will be given based on how many of the following criteria are met:

o They are non-profit organisations
o They are charitable or public beneficiary institutions
o They have no government funding
o The type and scope of assistance required
o The scope of overall community benefit that would be the result of ALCS involvement
o The availability of ALCS members to fulfil the needs of the organisation

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Then you may be eligible for pro-bono (free) life coaching services.

For charitable organizations, we review and design helpful solutions as appropriate.

To apply for ALCS' coaching services, please submit your “Coaching Wish” through the online form, - which will ask you information some information about who you are, what you'd like and why pro bono work is required.

You will be contacted directly by either a member of the ALCS Board or a member coach to further explore your needs further if necessary, and to be advised of a potential match with a coach, or coaches.You are expected to take responsibility for interviewing their potential coach to ensure your needs will be met.

Submit Your Coaching Wish Now

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We are unable to offer you pro bono coaching, however, we may be able to offer you discounted rates from many of our coaches. Please submit your request through our coaching wish form and mention your wish for discounted rates.


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