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Trisha Cupra

Personal Description:

Patricia (Trisha) Cupra lives in Wollongong (the next town south of Sydney) with her husband and toddler-aged daughter. She owns and manages Genesis Life Coaching, a global business. Trisha Cupra is an accredited life coach, speaker and author.

Trisha has had a life-long passion for personal growth and achieving excellence in life instead of settling for mediocrity. She strongly believes that the meaning of life is to live a meaningful life, and that we can all make a unique contribution to the world. She feels terrible about the amount of human potential that is being wasted due to ignorance about what it really takes to be 'successful' and happy.

Trisha strongly supports those who take the plunge into the business world in order to follow their hearts and make a unique contribution to the world. In addition to being trained in Life Coaching and being very well-versed in personal development literature, Trisha has studied and practiced desk-top publishing, office administration, and small business management. She has also taught herself basic web design and graphic design.

Personal Mission:

Trisha Cupra’s life purpose is: to empower as many people as possible to find their life purposes, and to live happy, productive lives in harmony with their true priorities.

Coaching Expertise and Philosophy:

Trisha Cupra helps professionals who are too busy to live their lives the way they would really like to, and are feeling frustrated, stressed, and unfulfilled. She provides the tools they need to live calm, meaningful, and organized lives. She created and uses the Foolproof Living System™ to help busy professionals to get more of the important things done.

Trisha found that some personal development systems help people to figure out what is important to them, and some focus on how to become more productive and get more done. What she was looking for was a system that would help people get more of the important things done.

She didn’t want to help people to figure out something as profound and important as their life purpose, and then leave them clueless as to how to live their everyday lives in harmony with it. And she didn’t want to show people how to get more things done, regardless of whether the things they are doing will still matter to them a year from now, or whether they are just trivial tasks that are distracting them from focusing on their true priorities.

She couldn’t find a system that covered everything from the birds eye-view of a meaningful and happy life – discovering a person’s life purpose, right down to the ant’s eye-view – planning, organizing and doing on a daily basis the simple tasks which need to be in harmony with a person’s life purpose if they are going to be satisfied with their progress at the end of the day. And the couple of systems that appeared to cover everything simply didn't work for her.

So at Genesis Life Coaching she created her own system using the best techniques she had found. She called it the Foolproof Living System™, because it is the foolproof way to create a meaningful life full of satisfying moments.

Website: Genesis Life Coaching

Phone: (02) 4285 8209


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