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Tom Martin

Personal Description:
Tom’s career began within a corporate environment with Telecom NZ where he embarked on an engineering degree on an ‘on the job’ basis. During this time he came to see himself as a generalist with strong business awareness rather than a specialist with the finite focus that the role required.

He also became aware of a strong propensity within himself to take on a challenge, persevering through break through to a stable state for handover to appropriate parties. This realisation led to seeking Cross Cultural Training and Theological accreditation to embark on projects aimed at bringing transformation to third world communities.

Following a number of successful development projects he returned to Australasia with his family to pursue an upward progression through IT Management and marketing roles, gaining skills in product development, engineering management, marketing, sales and general management. This presented him the opportunity to pursue an experience path from hands-on sales and strategic marketing to learning about long term strategy development, organisational change, gradually expanding my responsibility to a business management level. During this time he developed a uniquely practical, creative and strategic approach to business.

Tom has been exposed to a variety of industries, countries and corporate cultures which has given him the ability to assimilate new situations quickly and at the same time win the co-operation and commitment of people at all levels. At a senior level he holds the view that it is his responsibility to consider how things are done as well as what is done in the organisation. To that end he places priority on the quality of the culture, people and management processes in the organisation in addition to the financial performance of the business.

Tom is currently working in full-time private practice at Dunamis Consulting in the Sydney suburb of Hornsby (Phone 02 9482 5672). He provides life coaching for individuals and business coaching for corporate and SME clients.

Personal Mission:
To see coaching develop as a discipline that positively impacts the life and social structures it operates within. To support people through transition, change and improvement to become strong and positive contributors to our society and to life in general.

Coaching Expertise and Philosophy:
With a background ranging from technology and IT through Christian ministry then corporate management and business development Tom is in training with the Life Coaching Academy in Australia and the International Coaching Federation in order to align his recognized skills in counseling and coaching for use in private practice.

Phone: (02) 9482 4741



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