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Sue Laws

• Accredited Crucial Conversationalist
• NLP Practitioner (neuro linguistic programming)
• Certificate IV in Life Coaching
• Certificate IV in Workplace Assessment & Training
• Post Graduate of Social Science in Technical Communication
• Graduate Consultant Meditrim (weight loss management)
• Graduate of Silva UltraMind System

American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming
Bayside Business Network

Location and Contact Details
P. O. Box 2929
Cheltenham VIC 3192

Tel: (03) 9584 8382
Fax: (03) 9584 8928
Mobile: 0403 216 396

There are many different people practicing coaching and they all have their own style and techniques that they bring to the coaching table to help their clients. With me, you'll find that I'm a practical, down to earth person who enjoys helping people and I find it easy to build and establish rapport with people. I am a lateral thinker as well as being very intuitive and this enables me to help people discover new possibilities and options that they may not have thought of before.

I have been described as a "coach who facilitates empowering change in people using gentle, yet highly effective leadership skills" and "as somebody who has a caring and professional style – somebody who knows how to ask the right questions so you find the right answer".

I believe that coaching is something you will invest in because you have made a decision to step up and make a change to your life.

Coaching can be compared to playing a sport. Most sports people have an inner and an outer game that they play. Their inner game is about their attitude, values, beliefs, habits and triggers and their self talk on how they handle a particular situation and how they bounce back from disappointments etc. Their outer game is about their fitness, speed, strength, stamina, skills, tools and techniques they use.

The approach used in coaching is similar because we work on the inner areas of your life to help you increase your confidence and abilities. Then we ensure that you're supported in the outer areas with the right skills, strategies and techniques to help you achieve the outcomes you want.

As an accredited life coach I can help you to achieve amazing results that you may not have thought possible. As an NLP practitioner I can help you understand your beliefs and why your values may be in conflict with them and then help you to change any limiting beliefs or habits that you want to get rid of. As an accredited Crucial Conversationalist, I am able to provide you with the right tools and skills for improving and developing the best communication skills needed in all important conversations. This knowledge will make an enormous difference to both your personal relationships and business relationships.

Please visit my website or email me to find out more about coaching and begin an exciting new chapter in your life.


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