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The Principal Purpose:

  • to bring coaching to under-resourced individuals and organisations

The Australian Life Coaching Society is a non-profit organisation created and driven by coaches with a commitment to social contribution through pro-bono (fee-free) service to under-resourced individuals and organisations.

We do this by providing coaching and related services to organisations and individuals who do not have the resources available to pay for professional coaches.

We come together in the spirit of altruism, to offer our time and passion, to make a collective contribution to the state of our society.

The Secondary Purpose:

  • to build a strong social network of coaches to uphold the values of giving, supporting and connecting

Through work with ALCS, our members are able to help each other develop strong coaching skills and continually improve our collective knowledge and abilities.

Through openly sharing our talents and building caring networks, we are able to build our professional skills, gain experience, increase our personal networks, and collaborate with like minded individuals.

Therefore, this is a win-win agreement. Sharing our skills and tools with the wider community helps both the society we live in, as well as our professional development.

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