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Sarah Hue-Williams

Born and educated in the UK, I graduated from Cambridge University in 1989. I went on to work in finance, design and education, owning my own consultancy business for more than a decade, and studying psychotherapy, counselling and many related fields of personal development. Since moving to Australia in 2002, I have received some of the most comprehensive and professional training offered both here and abroad, gaining national and international certification as a life and business coach.

• My philosophy is that anyone and everyone who is willing to learn and change, and to experiment with new ways of doing things, can benefit from life coaching.
• My aim in all my coaching, personal and/or professional, is to help advance and enhance a “good” life into a great one.
• Mine is a solutions-focused approach that acts as a catalyst to assist clients in all areas of their lives, to get from where they are, to where they want to be.

I can help you progress with:

. Learning how to set and achieve objectives
. Career change or development
. Time management
. Building self-confidence
. Navigating changes and transitions in life
. Starting a new business
. Moving past procrastination
. Setting better boundaries
. Feeling stuck
. Improving self-esteem
. Work/life balance
. Increasing performance and energy
. Getting rid of self-limiting beliefs
. Overcoming fears
. Making better decisions
. Health and fitness issues
. Weight management assisting you to
. Clarify
. Improve
. Acknowledge
. Understand
. Discover
. Advance
. Evolve
. Progress
. Define
. Discuss
. Explore
. Rationalize
. Enhance
. Challenge
. Grow

If you would like more information, please
• call me on (02) 9326 9563
• email
• visit
or send an A4-sized stamped, self-addressed envelope to 12/39 Elizabeth Bay Rd, Elizabeth Bay, NSW 2011 for my free information pack.
ABN 27 423 312 815

“Sarah has enabled me to make changes that I have battled with for ages, by guiding me through processes that really work. Coaching is an amazing addition to my life…..”
K. H., Edgecliff (November 2005)

“Without doubt Sarah has really helped me to see and act on many possibilities available to me in my life…..After a very short time, I could really start to feel the possibilities that began to emerge through our sessions. I am still very excited to be working with her and look forward to our weekly meetings”
G.P., Woollahra (October 2005)

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