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Noel Posus

Noel is a highly successful personal, small business and corporate coach, assisting individuals and groups achieve greater personal and project successes. He has spent the past 17 years coaching and educating on a variety of topics, including life-work balance, values & beliefs and personal development.

Highlights of Noel’s areas of expertise include:

His background includes over five years teaching at the University of Colorado, and more than seven years working in corporate environments. The past few years, Noel Posus has worked primarily in one-on-one coaching relationships, and conducting seminars and workshops throughout Australia and around the world.

His client base ranges from Microsoft, St George Bank and American Airlines at the corporate level, numerous small business clients and hundreds of personal clients. He has conducted over a hundred workshops and seminars on topics from diversity awareness to performance management.

Additionally, Noel is a lecturer and assessor at the Life Coaching Institute of Australia, and a Mentor Coach with the Schools of Coachville. He is also an active member of the International Coach Federation and the International Association of Coaches. Noel gives much of his time to mentor up-and-coming coaches and is a leader in the coaching industry in Asia Pacific.

Noel’s global reputation as a Life Coach, Educator, Business Analyst and Project Manager is derived from working directly in, or assisting companies and individuals in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands Antilles, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, the United Kingdom, Iceland, France, Poland, The Czech Republic, Spain, Brazil, Argentina and Uganda. Noel currently resides in Sydney, and continues to work predominantly in the Asia-Pacific Region.

Noel is also an accomplished artist and represents up-and-coming artists world-wide to show their work in Australia, while enjoying showing his own work internationally.

Noel Posus can be contacted through his website at or email at Contact phone: 0416 006 476
(from outside Australia dial +61 416 006 476)


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