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Maria Pau

Maria is refreshing, inspiring, passionate, knowledgeable and has a voracious appetite for reading self-development books and attending various forms of success seminars. She has finished a Degree in Linguistics (with a one year scholarship in Japan), is fluent in 3 languages and currently in her 4th year of her second degree in Psychology and Philosophy. Having completed Intensive Coach Training with a leading Australian, ICF-accredited Coaching School, Results Coaching Systems ( five years ago; she has now coached over a dozen successful celebrities, business owners and corporate entities. She has also gained her Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment, which makes her expertise lie across several streams being Training, Assessment, Lifecoaching, Psychology and Philosophy.

She has traveled and worked in over 10 countries in a span of eight years as a Fashion Model & in Sales, Marketing & Management capacities, she is therefore skilled in adapting to any chosen environment and is able to coach effectively in change management.

According to a university study, (Dr Anthony Grant, Sydney University) people who hire a lifecoach are less depressed, anxious or stressed, as well as known to feel happier and more fulfilled. With this in mind, she seeks to be a catalyst in facilitating for any individual the ability to be able to tap into their true peak potential by using success-driven techniques she has learnt throughout the various seminars & workshops she has attended, along with the credentials she has studied.

“Working together, we will set inspiring goals in different areas of your life to create a sense of balance and achievement. I will act as your personal trainer to motivate you every step of the way, a sports coach to take your game to the next level, a mentor to offer objective insight and discipline as well as a manager to work with you in forming a strategy in achieving your goals, step by step, week in week out.”

So call me now on (03) 9803 3457 or 0406 232360, or email me at: to book you FREE 60 minute, obligation-free trial session to experience for yourself the benefits of coaching to your business, health, career, education, creativity, spirituality, relationships and family life.

The areas of coaching I service are:

Executive Coaching (Organisational Objectives) Business Coaching (Growing & Nurturing Your Business), Personal Development Coaching (Fulfill personal goals in any areas of your life), Specialised Coaching (Coaching for the Underprivileged Sector), Model Coaching (Coaching for Aspiring and Experienced Models, and Teen Coaching (Coaching & Development for Today’s Youth)

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