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a network around Australia, similar to web structure of the internet...

Imagine that this network is inter-connected and continuously communicating like the nerve cells of the brain, - flashing with impulses of intelligence and light…

Imagine this network formed out of self-directed cells, coming together to form an organ to serve the highest of human needs - supporting the processes of growth of all cells, into their full potential.

This organ's purpose is to create solutions, to stimulate growth, and to realize soul values. It is an ever growing intelligence nerve center, representative of the current evolutionary stage of humanity. It is here to fulfill this unprecedented cultural hunger of the 21st century, - for living a life filled with real meaning, magic and mastery.

* * *

Now imagine this organ growing, developing and becoming more and more aware, more conscious, more creative… making connections with more and more cells, raising the vibration and health of the whole body… Imagine this organ nourishing, strengthening and awakening a new level of health in Australian Society:

- Nourishing the cells with words of encouragement and hope,
- Strengthening the members with practices of excellence
- Awakening communities to express more of the values that make life worthwhile...

This could be one way of envisioning what "The Australian Life Coaching Society" becomes. We could also perhaps use L. Johnson's vision of a great society:

"where everyone can find knowledge to enrich his mind and to enlarge his talents… where not only the needs of the body and the demands of commerce but the desire for beauty and the hunger for community are served…

where people are more concerned with the quality of their goals, than the quantity of their goods."

What would your vision be?

For whatever it is, here is where we'll sculpt this vision together...
These are not new ideas. There have been visions of noble communities since the times of Socrates and Confucius… It is these visions that designed the institutions and societies of today.

All we are doing is experimenting in a new medium, with a new support structure. It is our vision here that will dictate the organization and community of tomorrow.

There are exciting opportunities here. Let's just remind ourselves of Peter Drucker's observation (commonly regarded as the founding father of modern management and the most remarkable man in spotting trends ahead of their time):

"The 21st century will be the century of the social sector organization. The more economy, money, and information become global, the more community will matter. And only the social sector nonprofit organization performs in the community, exploits its opportunities, mobilizes its local resources, solves its problems.

The leadership, competence, and management of the social sector nonprofit organization will thus largely determine the values, the vision, the cohesion, and the performance of the 21st century society."
Peter F. Drucker, 2001


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