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What can you expect from participating in an ALCS coaching relationship?

Here are a couple of recent examples from applied "Coaching Wishes":

Feedback from a Coaching Client:

Positive thinking, realistic goal setting, prioritization skills, assertiveness training, improved relationships amongst partner and friends

"I was extremely happy with my life coach.  She was supportive and encouraging.  She was good at making me come up with my own solutions, - which was important as it made me take ownership of the problem/ resolution.

Every week I thoroughly enjoyed speaking to her as she offered insight and an unbiased outside opinion.  She made me feel that I was perhaps selling my self short in my aspirations/certain relationships and taught me the some of the skills of how to turn my life around so I reach my full potential 

She was a pleasure to work with.  Almost immediately she built rapport and a trusting relationship in which I felt at ease discussing my life with her.
I chose her because we had studied similar areas, and from her profile and initial chat she appeared to be someone who was a clear thinker and someone I could admire.  She did not let me down.

I feel very privileged to have had her guidance and it is definitely not an opportunity I will waste.  I have made some significant changes in my life and the whole process has taught me the importance of making goals, trusting your instincts, setting your sights high, looking after yourself (health, emotionally, financially etc).

My coaching wish has allowed me to increase my confidence, be more assertive, follow my dreams,

I didn’t expect the outcome to be as positive and constructive.  I have made changes in all areas of my life and am now on the path to a much happier and fulfilling future.   I'd like to thank the Australian Life Coaching Society for giving me this wonderful chance of a lifetime."

Feedback from another Coaching Client:

Increased self esteem through realization of self competency and accomplishment of goals, large and small
Stress management in face of health issues
Added resolve in career goals
Realization of next major phase of career goals

"The opportunity to see my overall life situation in such clarity was invaluable.  The regular encouragement I received from life coaching was instrumental in allowing me to acknowledge my personal strengths to a much greater degree.

I wish to give me heartfelt thanks to the ALCS and my coach for their support in 2006 and will endeavor to keep in touch as my life blossoms!"


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