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A Learning Organization

The Australian Life Coaching Society is a learning organization. Its purpose is to empower coaches to create more of the results that matter – results aligned with life's mission. It is an intelligence structure that spreads the collective wisdom that we have, - to improve the performance of all coaches involved.

* * *

As it is now, the path of coaching education usually begins with courses and learning from external information sources. In this phase we learn to question and answer, respond and perceive, - to reflect on the lessons learned, to analyze the logic, the systems, the mental models…

We then deepen this information, when we go out and apply the information with clients. Through dialogue, we further refine our awareness of the principles at play, understand their rationality, gain creative insights from their application, and observe the results of our actions.

These independent learning skills work, and are essential for the survival of every coach. But of themselves, in today's world of increasing interconnectedness, complexity, and rapidly moving dynamics, often it's just not enough… The inability to understand and apply the principles of interdependent learning, can result in failure.

To realize the fullness of our potential, our capacity of understanding and awareness must expand to yet another level. This is the realm of co-intelligence as Tom Atlee put it:

"Together we can be wiser than any of us can be alone.
This ability to wisely organize our lives together -- all of us being wiser together than any of us could be alone -- we call co-intelligence.

Co-intelligence is emerging through new developments in democracy, organizational development, collaborative processes, the Internet and systems sciences like ecology and complexity.
Our diverse efforts grow more effective as we discover
we are part of a larger transformational enterprise,
and as we learn together and from each other."

The Australian Life Coaching Society is an nerve center for co-intelligence development, and serves as an ever increasing education point for a life coach. The learning created in relation to providing meaningful services to others, is inexhaustible. Why? Simply because there is no limit to how much we can serve…

In realizing this co-intelligence, ALCS will continually practice Peter Senge's five disciplines. As defined by the author, these are a series of five principles that we study, master and integrate into our lives. They are interdependent disciplines, built on trust and involvement in:

1. Mental Models

2. Personal Mastery

3. System Thinking

4. Shared Vision

5. Team Learning


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