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5. Team learning

By learning together, not only can we make a massive differences in our community and our private practices, - but we will develop our potential more rapidly than we could otherwise. Yet the ability to act together is a discipline, and as it is observable in our world – it does not come easily. It requires conscious intention and attention, to collaborate in realizing our vision.

A team could be defined as a collective of individuals working on a task together. But it's not the task that ultimately matters, as much as the "togetherness" that is realized between the individuals. It is the combined interaction that comes to realize the agreed upon goal, - that releases the magic of teamwork.

This power could be compared to the principle of alloying in metallurgy. If we take a few different metals with different tensile strengths, (ie. the strength that a metal has from being torn apart) of say 3, 4, 7, 2 and add them together in the right proportions, we can get a magical increase in tensile strength of 50 or more...

In the same way, each member in a team brings different strengths and weaknesses, abilities and deficiencies, knowledge and ignorance... But together, this 'melting pot' united upon a shared purpose, can realize far more than their individual strengths, abilities and intelligence combined.

In the Australian Life Coaching Society, a team would consist between six to ten individuals, who share the same common purpose, a passion for a certain performance standard, and a committed to one another's personal growth and success.

But you don't have to wait to experience this... You can begin right here and now to share in this power, by just affirming that this vision is possible, and that you are willing...

And so, you have ever so slightly affected you consciousness.


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