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3. Systems thinking

Helping ourselves and others to better understand the complex interaction of forces that limit and support growth, requires a higher form of thinking than we are currently using. Causes and effects are often interconnected and arranged in complex patterns, that by simply working on behaviors and attitudes, - we often exacerbate problems rather than solve them...

This is especially limiting when working in solo businesses, within today's complex and rapidly evolving society... We become focused upon the small parts of problems through specializations, and oversee how the whole operates or how the parts affect each other. For as Abraham Maslow noted, "he who is good with a hammer, tends to think everything is a nail."

The purpose of this project and its democratic organizational principles, is for us to develop our abilities to 'think systematically'. Through the discipline of working together in solving elected social causes, - we'll develop our capacity to see larger and larger conceptual frameworks, and become better in our profession.

We can only develop this capacity in action. It is only by practicing together and noticing, - how we function as a body collective, how we impact others, how we freely manage responsibilities - that we gain this capacity to understand the ecology of human empowerment.

Your participation in ALCS means learning and applying more challenging system thinking, - for building a…

4. Shared Vision

5. Team Learning


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