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1. Mental Models

Learning more about our mental models is perhaps our first practice.

To begin with, by sharing and cooperating we actually examine the nature of our mental paradigms in relation to: the practice of coaching, the creation of communities, the participation in social contribution projects... Through an open and non-defensive dialogue we'll become aware of:

  • What are our personal driving values and principles?
  • What assumptions, generalizations, and images are we being driven by?
  • What should the organizational values and principles be for this 'coaching collective'?

Through this first discipline we'll gain more self-awareness into our dominant patterns of thought, - their cause and their effects.

Through dialogues and discussions, we'll bring to light our mental models, and realize a wider array of possibilities to support our collective mission.

This naturally leads to the development of…

2. Personal Mastery

3. System Thinking

4. Shared Vision

5. Team Learning


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