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The Life Coaching Issues and the Importance of Creating a
Social Institution for Life Coaches

"The 21st century will be the century of the social sector organization. The more economy, money, and information become global, the more community will matter. And only the social sector nonprofit organization performs in the community, exploits its opportunities, mobilizes its local resources, solves its problems.

The leadership, competence, and management of the social sector nonprofit organization will thus largely determine the values, the vision, the cohesion, and the performance of the 21st century society."
Peter F. Drucker, 2001

Peter Drucker noted that, "it is in and through the social sector that a modern developed society can again create responsibility and achieve citizenship, can again give individuals—and especially knowledge people—a sphere in which they can make a difference in society, and a sphere in which they re-create community”.

Many issues have been brought up over the last decade in the life coaching industry like 'accreditation', 'reputation', 'standardization'... These are important issues and some organizations have decided to tackle these issues directly.

But what if we looked even further?

What if we stopped asking about credibility, and we started asking how we can expand coaching's contribution? What if we stopped looking at the 'business sectors' and began to look at the "social sector", - how can we responsibly make a bigger differences in our communities?

If we begin to look in this direction, it would be safe to assume that those previous issues would almost disappear. For it is though 'social acts' that we create the connection between the life coaching profession and the community, between the life coaching philosophy and each other.

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