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Kim Fraser

Kim has twenty years experience coaching formally and informally in personal and professonal development and has also coached, trained and managed individuals and teams in a management capacity for several companies.

Kim works with individuals and teams to identify their strengths and development opportunities and assists them to achieve their personal and business objectives, with a particular emphasis on career development, work life balance and personal gowth.

Kim brings a wealth of life experience to her coaching and has an ability to truely emphasise with and a capacity to inspire others within the coaching environment.

Kim is passionate about human potential and personal and professional development and through coaching supports, motivates and facilitates change and empowers people to make positive inspirational change in their lives.

With a background in managemet, sales, team building, and management training. Kim provides coaching and training to individuals and companies and is an Accredited Life Coach with Personal Success Australia, has a Cert1V in Life Coaching specialising in Business and Executive Coaching, Life Cycle Coaching and Health and Fitness Coaching with the Life Coaching Institute, Cert1VAssessment & Workplace Training, Cert1V Frontline Management, NLP Practitioner & Results Coach with the Leadership and Coaching Academy, Cert1V Remedial Massage.

Kim is also an affiliate member of the Australian Life Coaching Society and a member of the International Coaching Federation. Kim is co-author of the CHAPP Life Coaching programme. The purpose of the CHAPP Program is for clients to understand the subconscious values & beliefs that drive their behaviours. It focuses on changing habits, setting goals and developing plans of action to achieve results.

Kim is experienced in coaching and training in the areas of:

Values and Beliefs
Life Balance/Purpose
Self awareness/Accountability
Facilitating Workshops/Seminars
Goal planning
Change Management
Career Performance
Time management
Performance Counselling
Performance Management
Conflict Resolution
Effective Communication
Health and Fitness
Weight Management
Touch For Health

Kim decided to become a life coach after a realisation that coaching is part of her lifes purpose. She feels extremly gratefull to be given the oportunity to be working and living her dream of one day being able to combine her career with facilitating the process of helping others to identify their passions and purpose and live a balanced and fulfilling life.


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