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Jenny Cato

Jenny Cato is the consummate coach…………..knowledgeable, dedicated and creative. It's this combination of critical skills that guarantee an unforgettable learning experience. Tap into Jenny's talents and you're guaranteed a memorable coaching experience delivered with a sense of fun and flair. The result? An individual, team or business will be inspired to think outside the square, take action and truly fly!

Jenny is an accredited professional coach in Australia and works with clients who are serious about getting on to the road of success. Her coaching philosophy on success is all about choice, it relates directly to life's journey. It is not the destination but the path one chooses to go down. Success involves pushing the boundaries, a continual process of personal and business evolution.

She has created her business and her affiliation with Sharon Pearson and Associates around her core values; success, professionalism, achievement, fun and happiness. A common denominator with Jenny's clients is they are people who want to achieve success on their own terms. With some 20 years experience in hospitality, teaching, business ownership and National corporate management, she coaches clients to get more out of their personal or professional life, no matter where their starting point.

The future of Jenny's clients, their success, happiness and fulfillment, is the entire focus of her coaching and training work. Imagine having that support in your own life!

She has an on-going commitment to the development of the coaching profession in Australia and is a member of the International Coach Federation, a mentor to coaches and a qualified trainer/presenter.

Jenny's coaching philosophy can best be described by 'Marcel Proust' in

"The real act of discovery is not in finding new lands, but in seeing with new eyes."


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