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Ellise Thiessen

Ellise’s people and conflict management skills have been utilised throughout her career. She has held customer service and leadership roles in high-paced environments such as Qantas and Avis.

When Ellise heard about life coaching, it seemed to be a natural extension of her already well developed skills in problem solving and allowed her a way to take her caring nature a step further in her professional life.

A busy wife and mother of three, Ellise knows the challenges faced by parents in juggling many roles, caring for many needs and trying to create time for balance. This gives Ellise a level of empathy and understanding as she works with her clients.

Ellise’s compassion and dedication to playing a responsible part in the community are shown in her years of volunteering as a teacher’s aide and being a keen contributor to several community and fundraising projects. Ellise now also puts her background to excellent use as the Client Relationship Manager for the Australian Life Coaching Society, and prides herself in ensuring each connection is followed through with the highest level of care, integrity and professionalism.

As a new-comer to the world of coaching, as yet Ellise does not have a website, however, if you wish to find out more about her, she would love to hear from you. Just email her at ellise at lifecoaching dot net dot au.

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