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Don Power

Don has an extensive back-ground in sales and marketing spanning nearly 30 years. This experience includes senior sales management positions with Ford Motor Company’s Australian Operations before entering the top end of the Commercial property market with Richard Ellis’s Australian Office. His career accomplishments include positioning and creating unique product opportunities in the automotive industry. Don has also negotiated property transactions with multi million dollar commissions in the Commercial Real Estate market. The key in all of these endeavors was the establishment of strong Relationship Marketing Principals.

In 1992 Don made a profound change in his career that offered him a chance to utilize his vast experiences. He undertook tertiary studies in a specific area of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology and now operates a successful Executive Excellence Training & Coaching business in Queensland Australia. He acts as an Executive Coach and Trainer for some of Australia’s most successful business people. Don is a Master Practitioner, Certified Coach and International Trainer in the fields of Neuro Semantics and Neuro Linguistics Programming.


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