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The Australian Life Coaching Society (ALCS) is committed to connecting individuals and organisations with coaching professionals who are competent and able to deliver pro bono and reduced rate coaching services per the client’s needs.

Therefore the coaching services are provided under the following conditions:

1. ALCS requires all member coaches to carry their own public liability and professional indemnity insurance before any connections with clients is permitted. ALCS takes great care in evaluating coaches through an application before admitting them into ALCS and before placement on the database for client matching.

This said however, ALCS cannot be held liable or responsible in any way for the performance, choices or behaviors of the coach or any advice that is given or perceived as given. Nor can ALCS be held liable or responsible in any way for the outcomes of the coaching services provided, or the choices, actions and behaviors of any client.

2. The ALCS Board will engage in monitoring, supervising and mentoring on an ongoing basis with our member coaches who’ve taken on client assignments, as part of our commitment to quality, ethics, developing coaches and satisfying client needs.

ALCS provides no guarantee that we will be able to successfully meet every client need, to match clients with coaches, or to guarantee any particular result. We do ensure our dedication to pursue the best matches, outcomes and service offerings. If we’re unable to assist, we may discuss alternative options.

3. The ALCS Board of Directors may personally connect with our clients and coaches to evaluate our services, the needs of the people and organisations we engage with, and drive continuous improvement initiatives from both a governance perspective and in line with our Statement of Purposes.

You may be contacted after the coaching services have been provided, and possibly during the coaching term, to ensure your needs are being properly met and to seek feedback regarding your coach and the services provided and ALCS in general. This may take the form of a written survey and/or a phone or in-person interview.

4. If you are in any way dissatisfied with their matched coach or the services provided, and/or wish to make a complaint, these will be treated and managed confidentially and as a priority of the Board. All claims, investigations and responses will be properly documented and maintained.

You also may be asked to participate in a case study or research project where the coaching services they are receiving and the outcomes achieved are documented for further ALCS use, and/or to be shared with the coaching industry.

5. In the case of ALCS having too many individuals requesting help, priority will be given to individuals dependent on level of urgency and upon needs assessment. This means assessing:

o How many of the under resourced criteria are met
o The specific type of coaching required
o The scope of assistance required
o The likelihood of positive and lasting results based on the ‘coachability’ of the client
o The availability of appropriate members to service the individual


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