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The Australian Life Coaching Society seeks to help individuals and organizations that classify themselves as under-resourced. Those who are interested need to submit their application online, understanding our Statement of Purposes and Policies.

ALCS committee of management will determine the appropriateness of each coaching request and pass those details to the relevant member coaches. ALCS will then contact the applicants via email or phone to confirm receipt and acceptance of request and give details of the coach/es who are available to help them at this time.

(Please note, although we will confirm acceptance of your request as soon as possible and we endeavour to provide coach details within a week, it may take up to several weeks to arrange a connection in some cases.)

Coaching preferences are given to individuals and non-profit organizations that seek to improve their skills, processes and people to better serve others.

Organizations requesting more extensive coaching terms need to contact ALCS with their requirements. ALCS will organize its efforts to best help meet these standards.

The Australian Life Coaching Society is a non-profit organization.  Our coaches receive no payment for their services. They are donating their time for social causes and the welfare of the community they live in. All donations made to ALCS are used to further our mission of bringing altruistic coaching and related services to those who need it.  At the end of each financial year, the Board distributes surplus funds to a range of charitable organizations, which are listed in the Annual Report.

• All coaches are required to follow the ALCS Code of Practice. If you have an experience with a member coach does not respect or meet any of these codes, please contact ALCS immediately.


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