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'Coaching Wish' Application

Important Notices:

1. Although many life coaches have additional training in psychology, counseling and various other therapeutic codes, strictly speaking, life coaches are not qualified to diagnose or treat clients with chronic mental or emotional disorders. 
(Visit the International Coach Federation website: for information regarding the distinction between coaching and other modes of providing professional assistance). 

It is the responsibility of all clients to share any information regarding their own health with their prospective coach prior to commencing a coaching relationship to enable the coach to assess whether s/he is sufficiently qualified to provide support and to ensure the best possible match of coach and client.

2. The coaching wish is only provided under the policies and legal conditions of ALCS. If you do not agree, please do not use this form.

2. Also please note that although the coaching sessions are pro-bono, there is a one off $10 administrative fee for every coaching wish application.

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Coaching Description File: If you have a request already prepared as an MS Word file or its equivalent, - you can submit your application through this link below.

Alternatively, simply answer the questions in the boxes here:

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(Please review our coach directory and select 3 coaches for fastest coach-client match)

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Yes, I agree with the policies, and the disclaimer of ALCS, and agree to be bound by the current provisions. I declare that all the information supplied is accurate.

I declare that when evaluating my income, I am unable to pay for life coaching services, and am not in a position to afford anything more than the $10 donation which covers up to six life coaching sessions.

Note: As stated in our privacy policy, all personal information that is received from this website, is kept totally confidential.


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