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The Coaching Body

If we compare the whole of Australian society as a body, - comprised of many cells working together as a whole, - then life-coaches working in separation from each other, act as mere uncoordinated cells. At best, this larger body passively accepts them, - at worst they are actively resisted, for 'lone cells' are usually perceive as 'dangerous foreign objects'.

However, when individual cells synchronize together, - it creates an 'organ'. This structure now supports the functioning of the whole being, much more powerfully. The body itself then understands the role this organ plays, - and actively offers its support.

If we genuinely seek to contribute to humanity, - we need to incorporate ourselves into an active community that acts and leverages its power through the collective. We need to organize ourselves as life coaches, in a collective organ for social good. The good intentions that we as coaches espouse, - these are not enough to make a measurable difference.

As individual cells we have the power of reaching thousands. While this is noble, it is also far from being enough in making a substantial cultural shift. As Dr. Bob Buford noticed, 'If we want to build a socially functioning community of the future, we will need an effective means of carrying out our good intentions. Ultimately, that means a social organization.'

Additionally, there is also the public responsibility that we have as coaches to meet the self-actualization needs of society that we seek to serve. We need to advance this intelligence. We need to grow beyond satisfying 'separate needs', and to voluntarily collaborate with other coaches, as to interconnect more fully with the 'larger body'.

As Frances Hesselbein put it, "all of us are learning from one another. We need to remember that we can do little alone and yet much together.”

We need to apply the principles of peak-performance, team work and contribution that we often teach, - for ourselves. We need a non-profit organization with a sole purpose in servitude – in and for its own sake, - to expand a new dimension of awareness, significance and creative power.

This project here, is a choice for its realization. It begins with a vision, - and we realize it by building it together.


"Those that master the 'collective intelligence' of knowledge work teams will be the architects of the future... As individuals, knowledge workers are smart people. But their individual effectiveness is amplified when they are also part of a smart organization. As an effective knowledge team, they can often create a sort of synergy where the outcome of the whole is greater than the sum of its individual parts.

Our future will be ensured only through the proper and effective use--the collective use--of our minds. That is the essence of the challenge for knowledge work and knowledge work teams: creating a distributed mind."

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