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Christina Derbyshire

Christina spent over fifteen years working and studying in the Middle East, Europe and the USA. Prior to becoming a coach, she managed events, projects and offices around the world. With her qualifications in psychology, coaching and counselling, she brings a broad-based, solution-oriented perspective to her career in coaching.

In the nearly six years she has been coaching, Christina has conducted over 1,200 client sessions. She relishes the challenge of facilitating the development of an individual’s goals and abilities. She works with individual clients throughout the business, personal and not-for-profit world, helping them remain focused on and enthusiastic about their future vision and goals. Clients appreciate having an objective and supportive motivator and sounding board on their team who will ask them the powerful (and sometimes challenging) questions, and see Christina’s involvement as one of the elements of their success.

She enjoys utilising the coaching model to improve success in a wide variety of areas. Career and work/life balance are key client issues along with personal development and key life transitions, amongst other things.

One of her passions is helping overweight and obese people to achieve lifelong weight loss through focusing on the causes of overweight, and not just the effects. Her program – Eat, THINK and Be Merry – has been developed over 2 years of research and refinement in group and individual programs. Christina hopes to reach as many people as possible in order to assist them to lead long and healthy lives, free from the physical and psychological burden of excess weight.

Over the years she has been featured in several magazine and newspaper articles, appeared on the radio and even went head to head with George Negus on the ABC (but not before receiving some media skills coaching!)

Christina is passionate about her profession. She believes it is the most effective way to assist people to achieve their future vision. Coaching looks at the whole client in order to help unlock their full potential. Christina is educated and inspired by her clients every day.

After being an inveterate traveller for most of her adult life, Christina settled in Melbourne in 2000. After more than five years here, she thinks that Melbourne is one of the best, most liveable, cities in the world. Sadly, she has absolutely no interest in football, but please don’t hold that against her!

• BA (Honours) in Psychology (USA)
• Certificate in Counselling Skills (UK)
• Coaching course – Coaches Training Institute, USA (ICF-accredited)
• Certificate in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Melbourne)
• Past President – Victoria Chapter, International Coach Federation
• Associate Member, Australian Psychological Society
• Committee Member, APS Interest Group in Coaching Psychology.
• Founding Member and former Vice President, Executive Coaching Association Inc.
• Creator of the “Eat, Think and Be Merry”™ weight management coaching programme.
• Certificate IV in Small Business Management
• Currently studying diploma in solution-oriented hypnosis
• Currently completing Certificate IV in Workplace Training & Assessment
• Currently undertaking two years of supervised practice for registration as a psychologist
• Board member, Wishbone Foundation

“I benefited in particular from Christina’s strategies for turning apparent problems into constructive opportunities. She encouraged me to explore dilemmas and anxieties from fresh angles and to draw positive insights from them. I found that this was a very important and helpful technique to adopt – as a sole operator the worries can at times be burdensome, but are much easier to manage if analysed in this way.” (P.H. – By the Book Corporate Gifts)

“I found that questions you asked and the challenges you posed in our coaching sessions were valuable in helping me conquer many of my hurdles and help me break through to new ground of greater possibilities and opportunities.” (J.P. Hewlett Packard)

“Over the journey, you have given me some invaluable advice and really entrenched in me some habits that have made a massive impact in my professional life. But most importantly you provided me with the support, based on your expert grasp of coaching methodology, that I needed to move forward in my position. For that I will be forever thankful. You have the rare ability to connect with people while maintaining a disciplined and professional approach.” (K B. Lighthouse Foundation)

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