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Brian Bornstein


Personal Background.

Brian is the director of the Pinnacle Coaching Company. He is a professionally trained Success Coach, and he chose this career path because of his love and passion for people. He has a desire to make people happy and motivated so they gain confidence and self esteem. Nothing motivates him more than seeing the difference he can make to a person's life.

He has been heavily involved in training the long term unemployed, in goal setting, motivation and self esteem to empower and give them the confidence to go and find work. He always holds people in the highest regard.

Brian's coaching technique has transformed many individuals' careers, business and personal lives. Brian's strengths in coaching are his ability to immediately establish rapport and build a solid understanding of a person's needs through honesty and the capability to bring out the best in clients. He has a natural ability to motivate his clients especially when distractions can compete with clients' good intentions. He is a passionate, driven and committed coach, who will stay with his clients every step of the way, keeping them focused on their goals.

Whether it's a career goal, personal goal or whether you're planning on starting a new business, Brian can offer you the direction, support and motivation you need.

Personal Mission Statement

My purpose is to live my life every day with a sense of fun, passion and excitement. I will embrace learning and challenges as a way of extending, growing and discovering new things about myself.

I will love and cherish my wife, family and friends and continuously build these healthy, supportive loving relationships.

I will show care and respect to all people around me.

I will be a guiding example, enlightening peoples lives to fill the world and my life with happiness, joy and success!



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