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Brent Williams

Brent Williams is widely acknowledged as a professional dedicated largely to the personal and professional development of people in and out of organisations.

His career has spaned over the finance sector, commercial shipping, hospitality and community organisations specialising in the field of management, leadership and life development.

Brent ’s professional and volunteer activities have included:

* Founding member of Club Industry Human Resource Network
* Lifeline Volunteer Counsellor
* Lifeline Trainer of Telephone Counsellors
* Lifeline Sydney Commercial Trainer
* Human Resource Manager
* Assistant General manager
* Operations Manager
* DISC Behavioural Profiling Accreditation
* Accredited Trainer and Assessor
* Commerce, Human Resource Management and Business studies
* Lifeline Telephone Counsellor
* Australian Conservation Volunteer Member
* Life development and skills coach
* Career Counselling
* Course Developer (Accredited and Tailored)

Over 12 Years professional training and assessing experience



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