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We understand that there are many reasons our members may be motivated to offer their time and energies to this organisation. Some, like Mother Teresa, simply are passionate about reaching out a hand to those who need it most but can afford it least. Others may recognize the benefits that come with having the opportunity to work with a wider range of clients, and therefore see this as a professional development opportunity. Still others may simply want to be involved in a national project with like-minded coaches.

To follow we outline some of the many benefits that come with membership so that you can get a feeling for the myriad of reasons why joining ALCS will be one of the most rewarding and productive thing you do for yourself and your career this year!

Additional Credibility

The coaching world is a truly competitive one, and as the profession grows, so will the understanding of the average client. Potential clients are increasingly wising up to the diversity of coaches in the field, and are now asking questions about what makes you credentialed to be a good coach.

The initials (ALCSA, MALCS, or FALCS) you can add to your qualification are an indication of your level of commitment to your profession and your standing in the industry.

Networking and professional support between members

The coaches directory not only provides a simple way for our clients to choose coaches that may be right for their needs or project, but it also offers coaches an opportunity to locate other coaches Australia-wide if they have a need to expand their business or seek out affiliations.

Regional Leaders arrange one-off or regular gatherings, coaching circles or other social events for the members of their state. Members will be encouraged to support each other for the good of the industry and their own professional development.

Source of information

Through ‘The Rhythm’ newsletter, members receive important information, not just about what is happening with our clients, but also information that comes to hand in the industry. There is also the availability to use the newsletter as a way of advertising your own items of interest.

Opportunities for business growth

Although the purpose of the Australian Life Coaching Society is not directed towards credentialing coaches or offering paid work, the Coaches Directory offers resourced the opportunity to choose from a range of coaches with a strong social conscience.

Likewise, many of the projects provide opportunities to meet individuals and decision makers who have the potential to become paying customers of the individual coach. Many businesses and individuals now deliberately seek out the services of professionals who share similar ethics and social values (for example, there is a company set up specifically to help investors find ‘ethical’ shares to invest in). So visiting a website that features coaches with high ethical and moral standards, will be high on the priority list of people who wish to employ only coaches with a demonstrable commitment to integrity and caring for the community.

Therefore, as word of the Australian Life Coaching Society spreads, through the partnership with other non-profit organisations and charities, there are sure to be fresh opportunities created for the members. (Please note, however, that any paid work that comes from ALCS referrals is a bonus that is conducted outside of the role as an ALCS member coach.)

A good night’s sleep

Surely one of the best benefits of being an active member of ALCS is knowing that you are part of a dynamic and altruistic organisation that is making a real difference to the quality of life for many Australians.

Call us old fashioned, but we think the personal satisfaction that comes from knowing you’ve contributed in such a positive way is the best balm for frazzled consciences and the best way to sleep soundly at night!


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