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If you are a practicing life-coach, there are three core reasons why you should join the Australian Life Coaching Society:

ALCS offers meaningful achievement. The purpose of this volunteering organization is to gain a higher sense of fulfillment and contribution - something which isn't usually available in the 'business side' of the coaching practice. Its reward is in the in application of your coaching skills and knowledge, to be a positive part of charitable causes.

These causes are elected by you, and according to the ideals and standards that hold the highest meaning for you. Whether you would love to coach in the areas of health and the transformation of illnesses, or in education and development of youth... there are so many sections of the Australian community where your life coaching wisdom would make a measurable and profound difference.

You'll be a real 'miracle worker' in the lives of many people. And there is no substitute for the level of self-fulfillment and self-esteem that this creates.

ALCS offers increased coaching competence. This organization is dedicated to sharing knowledge and advancing the application of coaching systems to all members. It offers you the opportunity to realize your full potential, - by challenging you to raise your performance and by offering you ongoing professional development opportunities.

By working in teams, you'll experience the synergistic effects that come from working with others capabilities and strengths. You'll learn and be inspired by your colleagues and their experiences. While interactive in the game of social contribution, you'll enrich your ability to network, to think win-win, to collaborate, to share knowledge, to listen and to further fulfill your calling.

ALCS offers responsible self-determination. In line with our coaching philosophies, this organization seeks to foster an empowerment leadership culture. Here, you have the freedom and power to initiate and to regulate the work projects that you undertake. You have the freedom and power to experiment with your best methodology in working with the cause of your choosing.

Your ideas and values continually influence the outcome. This organization has in fact been designed from its outset with collective ideas and suggestions, by Australian life coaches, for Australian life-coaches.

It is independent of all coaching organizations, training schools or any other affiliations... It is an authentic voice for the coaching community, free of any hidden agendas, - representative of a unified and responsible Australian coaching body.

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