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What are the benefits of coaching?

With the assistance of a coach and commitment and effort from your side, your life will definitely change for the better. But what can you actually expect to achieve through coaching? Here is an (non-exhaustive) account of what is in store for you:

• You will be able to make more effective decisions, and will have more focus, because you will choose specific goals to work on, which does not allow you to deviate from your chosen path. You will know what you want. And as you become clearer on what you really want, you will be able to choose more easily where the next step is going to take you.

• You will create better networks and more community-involvement, because a coach realises that huge successes can be made through networking and liaising with the right people, and will stimulate you to build up and keep these networks alive.

• Your overall drive and forward focus will improve, because with coaching you will start to see results you did not deem possible before. This gets you more passionate to go for the next step, and will greatly improve your self-respect. Moreover, a coach holds you accountable for you achieving your goals; that alone will keep you moving!

• Your overall “human experience” will be more enjoyable, as you extend your own boundaries and become more confident in what you do. You will have more creativity, and will become a better communicator, which makes you able to mould life your way even better.

• Your personal development will sky rocket, as you grow through action, and can zoom in on what is stopping you –and then cancelling it out- more effectively with a coach. You will find clarity and purpose in your life, which has a positive influence on all other aspects of your life.

• You will get more of life. You will be able to tackle any area you would like to work on, will get rid of “should’s”, “must’s”, “ought to’s” and “have to’s”, and will work on the quality of your existence.

• Your finances will improve, because your drive and self-worth grow when you focus on getting more money or more enjoyable work; moreover, a coach will help you budget your finances towards your goals, and will help you develop new ways of making money.

• You will start to feel at ease with “investing in yourself”, with setting yourself limits and boundaries, and with going forward and being accountable. A coach is there to support you, but also to challenge you when you deviate. As the environment within this is done is always a caring one, you will be able to not take it personal, and to keep on going.

• You will be provided with a box full of tools, that you can utilise long after the coaching sessions are over. A coach will help you to become an independent and conscious creator of your life, rather than a victim of it.

Coaching is a great tool to improve your life and/or business or to take your life and/or business to the next grander level of existence. There really are no limits, other than the ones you impose on yourself. Coaching will open you up to those limitless possibilities, and will give you the freedom to choose in whichever direction you want to go!
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