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Belinda Johnson

A wicked sense of humour, an infectious laugh, an ability to think differently to the norm and an ability to provide a supportive push to her clients definitely makes Belinda Johnson different from other coaches.

Belinda’s philosophy on coaching is that every individual has the right to discover the best that they can be.  The result doesn’t necessarily have to be glamorous but it does have to be genuine for the individual with a positive context.  When an individual is happier with themselves, they are happier with their world.  Coaching should not be solely a luxury for the well off; it should be available to every individual despite financial status.  It is an honour for Belinda to have someone allow her to experience their life changes with them.   It is an experience that enriches the client and the coach.

A varied arrangement of life experiences to draw strength and knowledge from.  Belinda has completed service in the Department of Defence – Army, which has given her the skills in personal discipline, formation and execution of detailed objectives and action plans.

Belinda has enriched knowledge through the opening, growing, refitting and closing of numerous national retail businesses.  Her years of retail experience are not dedicated only to the front line management of retailing, human capital, and excellence in customer service and delivery standards.

Belinda has developed and implemented National Training Programmes for major Australian retailers and has worked heavily in the area of policy and procedures.

Belinda’s skills in change management were solidified through her experience in retail and her experience extends beyond strategic planning, coaching, training and developing team members.

To specialise further Belinda assumed a high level within retail Loss Prevention where the key is to maximise profit growth for any business.  To add to Belinda’s knowledge base, she has years experience in advertising which enabled her to further develop her creative side and extend her lateral thinking skills.  Belinda has had the pleasure of utilising her skills in business coaching and mentoring a high pressured team in a large retail firm.

As principal coach for Beehive Coaching and Consulting, her client base is broad and ranging from individuals, sole parents, students, groups, pensioners through to businesses and corporations.

Services are available via face to face, by phone or by email.

You can contact Belinda on 0400 657 430


  • Business
  • Youth
  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Personal Life Skills
  • Life Cycle



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