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Anne Hartley

“You know that you’ve settled for the consolation prize when you achieve all of your goals and they don’t make you happy”, says Anne Hartley. “One day I was sitting in a plush hotel in Auckland. I had just completed a successful tour of speaking engagements and seminars and I had written two very successful books yet all I could think about was how far removed my life was from my original plans.”

Anne Hartley knew all about overcoming obstacles. She brought up her children single-handedly and went from living on the poverty line dependant upon a Government benefit, to being a leading financial planner and best-selling author during the eighties and early nineties. But this success didn’t bring her the happiness she expected.

Anne made a conscious choice to find a better way to live and when she discovered it to share what she learned with others. The result of that choice is Anne’s Love The Life You Live program. Anne says that many mid-life crises are really an identity crisis. “Your identity is the foundation upon which you build your life and make choices which make you happy. When you know your identity you can create balance”.

Anne has developed a unique way to assist people to choose their identity based on being and having values. “Being values are the contribution you want to make with your life through your daily actions whilst your having values are what you need to receive in order to be happy. Happiness results from achieving a healthy
balance between giving and receiving.”

Anne now works as a life coach, trainer and conducts regular courses
for the public.

Anne has written for: Australian Women’s Weekly, Cleo, Sunday
Telegraph, Rydges, New Woman, Manly Daily & St George Leader.

Anne has been the keynote speaker for: Auckland Money Show,
Emma Page Jewellery, Tupperware, New Zealand Women’s Book Festival
and Telstra.

Anne has appeared on the following TV shows: Today Show,
Good Morning Australia, Till 10, 11am, Today Tonight, Focus on Living.


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