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Alexandra Farkash


Professional and personal key strengths: As an empathic Certified NLP Practitioner with strong people skills I am seeking to leverage my skills in a renowned organisation. My warm and open personality receives immediate trust by others and enables me to build  connections between me and clients. Recognised as personal development orientated, with outstanding communication and presentation skills as well as planning and problem solving skills I am dedicated to improve the well-being of our society


NLP Practitioner (June 2011 – present)

My desire has always been to help people with their personal problems and issues. Since I have realised that this profession is called Life Coaching, my objective has been to become an excellent Life Coach, who is able to change people's lives by teaching them how to be their own leaders.
I show the way also by providing examples from my personal life. People have to see that we do what we preach. We have the same concerns and situations in life, the difference is that we use several techniques to solve them. I started from almost nothing, and I have undertaken to “work” on my own life in front of everybody's eyes. If I can help myself, I can help others too.


I have had a vision, which is becoming reality step-by-step. So as we “walk our talk”, keeping the records of the milestones, people can follow our growth and accept the fact that everything is possible. The work is continuous, the learning is Life Long.


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