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The Primary Agreements in
ALCS Affiliation

To become an affiliate member you need to meet these three primary standards:

ABILITY: You have approved educational qualifications in the life coaching practice, psychology and business, and/ or proven coaching or counselling experience.

(Note: It is understood there is a wide array of accreditation modules available for coaches, and ALCS has no preference or affiliation with any particular training school or coaching accreditation body. Each application shall be reviewed by the ALCS committee board for suitability to this project. ALCS may contact you if additional information is required.)

WILLINGNESS: You are willing to share your coaching intelligence online with other members, and to volunteer your time or resources in bringing your coaching skills to altruistic projects

ETHICS: You understand that this membership reflects an up to date standing of all members, as a proficiency established in a code of ethics:

- being loyal to your commitment
- being reliable and dependable
- being proactive and cooperative with your ideas
- being respectful and kind

To ensure that accountability and proper standards are kept, there are responsible, non-biased and reliable monitoring systems in place. As a member you agree that:

- feedback forms will be sent to clients in early stages of their coaching contract and again at the completion of the contract, to ensure that the quality of coaching is high and that we can continuously improve.

- members will have the opportunity to annually have their membership status reviewed. Around February each year, each regional head will assesses the level of contribution of each coach within his/her region over the previous calendar year, - and award certificates and online seals of achievement. As long as it is verifiable, this can include altruistic activities outside of ALCS.

It is understood that if any of these standards are not met, your membership may be cancelled and your profile pages removed from this web site.

* To review all other standards and rules of ALCS, including the processes of membership application, cancellation, mediation, governance and more, please read, 'The Associations Incorporation Act – Schedule 5'

ALCS Coach Membership Application

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Personal Information:

Coaching Profile for the Website: If you have a prepared MS Word file/ PDF (or its equivalent), regarding your personal history, qualifications and experience, which you want to appear on our directory, please attach it here.

Personal Photo or Logo: If you'd like a graphic to appear on your profile, please attach it below.

Yes, I agree with the primary agreements, the policies, and the disclaimer of ALCS, and agree to be bound by the current provisions. I declare that all the information supplied is accurate.

Yes, I agree to make a one-time-donation of $30 with PayPal, with this application, to cover the adminstrative costs of ALCS

Note: As stated in our privacy policy, all personal information that is received from this website, is kept totally confidential.


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